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Please join us on a short tour of our facility and meet the employees that we are proud to have as part of our company.

Located just minutes from the I-196 corridor between Grand Rapids and Holland, Michigan, our 20,000 sf shop is climate controlled through-out the year - ensuring stability in the veneer and core materials.


We have the capacity to cut 13' lengths, and the space to lay out large sequence jobs.  Pictured is our main guillotine (center), with two smaller cutters on each side.


All of our faces are spliced using a Kuper Innovations splicer to ensure accurate, tight joints.  Specified matching, panel sequencing, and special face construction are identified and executed here.


... a portion of the 60,000 + square feet of domestic and exotic veneer that is regularly kept on hand.


 ... 5' x 10' hot press and glue spreader are used in regular panel lay-up.  Cold pressing is used as different applications require.

Our employees seemed to vanish when the camera appeared.  What can you say!!




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Contact us at  Bobb@icwpanels.com
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