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Veneer Matching


 Alternating strips of veneer from the same log section (flitch) are turned over so the adjacent leaves appear to open as the pages of a book. The veneer joints match perfectly to create symmetry of pattern and continuity of the grain. Prominent characteristics will flow across the match. Because opposite sides of the wood are used, light reflection and stain absorption may vary but this can be minimized with proper finishing.




A sheet from a flitch is slid across the sheet beneath and spliced at the joints without turning it over, which gives a more uniform color and light reflection.



A random arrangement of the leaves that allows for variation of widths and character for a loose board-like effect.


REVERSE DIAMOND                                                BOX MATCH



   HERRINGBONE                                                        PARQUET



     SUNBURST                                                         STARBURST


 (Cathedrals point out)                                                              ( Cathedrals point in)

BALANCE MATCH - Any number of pieces of veneer of equal width matched (book, slip or reverse slip) in the face.

CENTER MATCH - An even number of leaves of equal width matched  in the face so that an equal number of leaves are on either side of the center point (which is a veneer joint) of the face.

CROSSBANDS - Plys of veneer  with the grain running perpendicular or at a slight angle to that of the face and back in a panel constructed of 5 plys or more.  Can also be substituted with a non-directional manufactured  crossband.

END MATCHED - End matching consist of opening two matching pieces of veneer end wise rather than edge wise (book match). 

FLITCH - The section of a log made ready for cutting into veneer. After cutting this section of the log, the sheets are kept together consecutively, as cut, and handled in sequence through process of clipping and drying, so that they maintain sequence. This also is called flitch.

NATURAL - A general descriptive term to indicate “unselected for color” in grading veneer or lumber of such hardwoods as Birch, Maple and Ash. Also sometimes used to describe appearance of veneer of lumber with a high degree of sound character markings.




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