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For simplicity we use four standard grades to identify face quality.  However these might vary slightly by species.

A—Excellent appearance
Contains the fewest natural characteristics; highest level of grain matching; used for cabinets and furniture.

1—Few Natural Characteristics
 Contains a few natural characteristics; used for cabinets and furniture where appearance is less critical.

B—Greater Natural Characteristics
Contains more visible characteristics of the wood species.

Sound—Sound surfaces with unlimited color variations
May have been repaired.  Usually used where the surface will be hidden or when natural characteristics are desired.


Descriptive Face Grades:

SELECT—Matched for grain and color
Composed entirely of either heartwood or sapwood and matched for grain, pattern and color.

UNIFORM—Matched for color
Composed entirely of either heartwood or sapwood and matched for color only.

NATURAL—Strong "natural" color and grain 
Because it is composed of a combination of both heartwood and sapwood, natural veneers can be less expensive than uniform or select grades that must be all one quality.

PAINT GRADE— Smooth even surface 
A lower grade panel that is smooth enough to be painted without grain or flaws showing through.



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